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Results-Oriented and Cost-Conscious Representation

The Maybank Law Firm is committed to providing results-oriented, cost-conscious representation to insurance companies and businesses throughout the United States. Our services can benefit everyone from family-owned businesses in Charleston, South Carolina, to large corporations nationwide.

Our attorneys handle cases of all sizes and levels of complexity. We have the ability to take cases through any step of the litigation process, from small claims court to the State and Federal Appellate Levels. We see every case through to the end.

Our Law Firm is Results-Oriented

At the Maybank Law Firm, we care about our clients. When we take a case, we take the time to get to know the client and the unique issues and needs involved in that case. Our goal is to obtain an outcome that will meet those needs. We will work hard to achieve our client’s goals.

Our experience means we know when to pursue settlement and when a case needs to be taken to trial. From the initial meeting, we create a litigation plan that best meets our clients’ goals and expectations to give them their desired results.

Our Law Firm is Cost-Conscious

In these difficult economic times, we are aware that insurance companies, businesses and individuals throughout the United States are looking for ways to be more financially responsible with their resources without impacting results. At the Maybank Law Firm, we understand these needs and believe one method of achieving this goal is by selecting a law firm with less overhead; a law firm that doesn’t have excessive costs that are in turn passed on to the clients.

We are efficient. We are effective. We bill for work, not overhead.

Our Law Firm is Ready to Take on any Case

Our practice areas are focused on litigation, particularly in the areas of personal injury, construction, medical malpractice, products liability, trucking, defamation, business law and homeowners association issues.

Contact us to discuss any of these matters with an experienced lawyer.