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Defamation Defense

Defending Against Claims of Slander and Libel

At the Maybank Law Firm, our attorneys defend insurance companies and their clients, as well as self-insured businesses and individual, against defamation claims.

Moving Quickly in Defamation Defense Cases

Individual reputations are not the only things on the line when claims of defamation are made. A business accused of defamation can suffer serious financial blows as well.

We are proactive when it comes to defense against defamation cases. Handling all Personal Injury Defense Cases Our law firm handles all defamation cases for clients throughout South Carolina Among the cases we handle are:

  • Slander lawsuits: claims of defamation of character through the spoken word to at least one third party
  • Libel lawsuits: claims of defamation of character through the written word (letters, newspaper articles, etc.) to at least one third party

Results-Oriented Representation

At the Maybank Law Firm in Charleston, we believe in positive results for our clients and in being financially responsible with our clients' resources. We are efficient. We are effective. Contact Us Today.

Our defamation defense lawyers can be contacted toll free by phone at 866-975-3861. We can also be contacted by e-mail.

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