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Appellate Law

Handling Appeals of all Types of Cases

Appellate law is a unique area of the law. The rules for appeals are different and not all lawyers are appellate lawyers.

At the Maybank Law Firm, we understand all the differences. Our attorneys have experience in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, The South Carolina Supreme Court and the South Carolina Court of Appeals We handle all types of civil appellate issues for a wide range of clients.

Using Our Experience to Obtain Positive Outcomes in Appeals

In order to be successful, appeals must be carefully planned. Research is critical. Putting together a persuasive brief is crucial.

Our experience allows us to recognize the appealable issues, from flawed jury instructions to evidence that was excluded that shouldn’t have been.

Results-Oriented Representation

At the Maybank Law Firm in Charleston, we believe in positive results for our clients and in being financially responsible with our clients’ resources. We are efficient. We are effective.

We can also handle appeals or assist with appellate duties such as brief writing or research in conjunction with other attorneys in South Carolina.

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