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Homeowners Association Litigation

Representing Homeowners Associations in all Disputes

At the Maybank Law Firm, our attorneys work with homeowners associations, as well as condominium associations, in all aspects of litigation. We also represent insurance companies that provide coverage to these associations.

Moving Quickly in Homeowners Association Litigation Cases

When a dispute arises, it needs to be dealt with quickly. Our lawyers know that homeowners associations cannot simply come to a standstill when disputes are happening. Our goal is to move forward with the appropriate action, striving to prevent the issue from impacting the day-to-day business of the association.

Handling all Areas of Homeowners Association Litigation

Our law firm handles all areas of Homeowners and condominium association litigation for clients throughout the State of South Carolina. Among the types of disputes we handle are:

  • Homeowners association fee disputes: disputes over dues and nonpayment of dues, including collections actions
  • Bylaw disputes: violations of bylaws, including unauthorized construction, painting or remodeling
  • Developer disputes: failure to sell the correct number of lots

Results-Oriented Representation

At the Maybank Law Firm in Charleston, we believe in positive results for our clients and in being financially responsible with our clients’ resources. We are efficient. We are effective.

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