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Truck Accidents

Handling all Truck Accident Cases

Truck accident defense cases requires immediate action. At the Maybank Law Firm in Charleston, our attorneys are prepared to move quickly to put together a strategy designed to get the required results in a cost-effective manner.

We represent insurance companies and their clients, as well as self-insured truck drivers and trucking companies, against personal injury claims. Our services are available to clients throughout South Carolina as well as in Federal Jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Putting Together a Strong Legal Strategy

In truck accident defense cases, it is imperative an immediate investigation is done in order to assess liability and potential exposure. At the Maybank Law Firm we will personally investigate the accident, and bring in any necessary experts, such as accident reconstructionists and engineers, in order to fully evaluate the case.

Once the first step is completed, our lawyers will provide assessments and opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of the case to ensure the client is informed and able to evaluate their different options. We know when to pursue a settlement. We know when a case needs to be taken to trial.

Results-Oriented Representation In Truck Accident Defense Cases

At the Maybank Law Firm, we believe in positive results for our clients and in being financially responsible with our clients’ resources. We are efficient. We are effective.

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